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A Sublime Commercial Project By Greta Design


Founded by the incredible senior interior designer Greta Apap Bologna, Greta Design is a studio based in Malta that offers a complete service – from the concept stage to the final result, even if you only have one room to design. How amazing is that?

This marvellous studio offers not only interior design services but also other ones such as lighting design, mechanical & electrical designstaging & styling, and furniture design, making it possible to create beautiful outcomes in such a magical way.

Davide Patanè, Greta Apap Bologna, Hannah Borg – the special team responsible for today’s inspiration.

Over the years, Greta Bologna and its tight-knit creative team have been working on worldwide projects in the residentialcommercial and hospitality fields and we advise you to get to know all their projects if you want wonderful inspiration.

It does not matter if you like it modern or classic – Greta Design is versatile and professional, bringing to life the project of your dreams.

The Sublime Commercial Project

Today we are travelling to Portomaso, Malta, to see this lovely commercial project by Greta Design – a Hilton Presidential Suite, designed in 2018. Will you join us?

Malta is well known for its attractions and Hilton is the detail that makes a difference. After all, we all love a good hotel where we can rest after a long day of visiting Malta, don’t you agree?

Hilton Hotel is a family-friendly resort with stylish rooms and suites with Blue Elephant’s authentic Thai Cuisine for you to dine and drink. Also, the Mediterranean sun and seaside vibes set the scene for an unforgettable getaway in Malta; not to mention the possibility to be part of meetings and events with stunning views. And this Hilton Presidential Suite project by Greta represents exactly Hilton’s character and identity.

The hallway just has the perfect shades: it combines light and a lovely colour scheme. From the walls to the marble on the floor, everything just makes sense and allows the space to breathe.

Not having too much furniture gives authenticity and the flower decoration is the star of this place. This is the perfect example of an elegant hallway that features simple lines and modern shades that will live forever.

Passing through the open space, you can find inspiring silhouettes in each detail to make yourself at home. It shows us how a vivid colour can make all the difference.

Keeping with the modern sense given by the hallway, you can find a mix of patterns and colours that goes perfectly well; not to mention the blue pop matching the stunning outside views.

This space is full of bold gestures embraced by creative minds giving the opportunity to provide the customers’ desire which was a cosy feeling without ever giving up on the sophistication and elegance that every Hilton needs to have. A homely feeling even for the ones who are far from home.

A living area is connected to a dining area that makes us want to stay there all day long for its blending of simplicity and beautiful patterns. These neutral colours make the most of this dining room but the golden details turn it into something modern and exclusive, especially when having in count the lighting selection (which was perfect!).

Speaking of exclusive, did you see this master bedroom? We cannot get enough of Greta Design’s projects and this space is the reason why. This interior design studio made it possible to combine modern styled furniture with a sense of luxury given by the walls and, of course, the bench layered with originality and texture to take our breath away.

The fancy glimmering of this mind-blowing commercial interior design project has the perfect setting to hearten our senses, don’t you agree?

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Images’ Credits: Greta Design

Source: Domkapa website

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