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Greta Apap Bologna

Greta Apap Bologna, nee Trapani Galea Feriol was born and brought up in one of the most beautiful homes in Malta – Palazzo D’Aurel, Gudja, the ancestral home of the Barons of San Marciano. She comes from a family where art and the appreciation of art has been a family tradition for many generations. While still a child she would lie in her bath and think about how to redesign the bathroom, or sitting room, conscious always of the ambience around her. She took Art at school from the age of four, where she learnt painting and won an important competition when she was fourteen years old.

After school she attended a three-year design course at L’Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro, at Palazzo Spinelli, Florence. There she worked on projects both theoretical and practical, mostly in the field of domestic residences, but also some commercial work, such as designing stands for exhibitions, including one for the Red Cross, also a major display for a jewellery shop in Florence. There she graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design.

On her return to Malta, she was recruited by one of the leading avant-garde architects to run the interior design department of his practice. The work was dynamic and inspirational and as a result Greta stayed for a whole seven years, as both the practice and her department grew. Having gained so much good experience and encouraged by her husband Paul and a dear friend, she decided to branch out on her own in 2004.

Initially working from home, with one part-time assistant, she began to receive commissions in both residential and commercial projects, including restaurants, apartments at Portomaso and a town house in Rabat. Over the last eighteen years her practice has flourished and grown from strength to strength. Greta was involved in designing several large apartments in the Tigne Point development, Town Square, Portomaso, Blue Harbour and Forth Mansions and continually strives to create new and exciting ideas in beautiful harmony of colour, comfort and space. She has also refurbished and converted numerous, dilapidated properties in Valletta.  Greta has also designed copious commercial outlets such as Gaming offices, restaurants, cafes, offices in general and several hotels throughout Malta and overseas also. Greta was engaged as a consultant to the Pender Gardens developers and since 2017 was engaged as the design consultant for Iniala Harbour House, Malta where she still retains this position today.  She makes every endeavour to develop her inspirations and improve her expertise.

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